Photo Booth | DJ Mike Farmer
Photo Booth Tower
Included Options

The ability to text or email one or all the photos from an event to your mobile device or computer.

  • Standard still shots
  • GIFS & Boomerangs
  • Backdrop
  • LOTs of fun props
  • Operator to help out
Monday - Thursday
$495/up to 3 hrs


$50 Each additional hour

$50 Optional custom border


Friday - Sunday
$650/up to 3 hrs


$100 Each additional hour

$50 Optional custom border


Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer on-the-spot printing?

To keep costs down, I do not offer on-the-spot printing.  It has been my experience that nearly half the pictures taken at any given event are GIFs and Boomerangs (moving pictures) that cannot be printed.  If you have a still shot you want to have printed, you can do it at home, Walmart, Costco, etc.  But the great part is that you can see the pictures immediately on your phone!

Who can delete photos?

Only the client will have the administrative code that will allow them to delete inappropriate photos or photos they don't like.

Landscape or portrait photos?

Landscape or portrait photos (One or the other - cannot switch back and forth at the event).